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Life has offered me an exciting journey developing a mountain guide vocation. 


  • I am light hearted with poignant intent.

  • I find the higher the quotient of quality, the deeper the commitment.

  • Competency is the ground proofing of knowledge.

  • Desired experience is the repeatable process of measured discomfort.

  • Give credence to good choices you have made.

  • Own the humility of your worse hour.

  • Quiet confidence supersedes boisterous ignorance.

  • Balance fluctuates between; flow and focus, observation and application, now and when.

  • Success comes from exposing your vulnerabilities.

  • A healthy body and mind come from discipline.

  • True fortune is curious consciousness.

  • Facilitate an atmosphere of epiphanies. 

  • Time flies like the wind – fruit flies like bananas…

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